Greenbriar Inc

Maintenance Questions

Maintenance Emergencies

If you have a maintenance emergency please contact the Greenbriar office at (419) 352-0717. If you are calling after normal business hours then an emergency maintenance number will be provided.

Microwave – Metal objects of any kind or aluminum foil may NEVER be used in a microwave

A/C – Heat – When you want to turn on your heat, be sure setting is on heat and not A/C (and vice versa)

Shower – Please be sure shower curtain is inside stall to avoid water over-run. Damage to other units from water over-run will be charged to your apartment.

Smoke Alarms – Any problems with smoke alarms should be reported immediately – do no tamper with alarms!

Electrical – Do not overload electrical circuits. Overloads will flip off the circuit breaker, resulting in no electric.

Maintenance Requests

If you would like to make a maintenance request you can submit an online maintenance request or come to the Greenbriar office and submit a maintenance request form. Copies of the maintenance request form are available at the office or can be downloaded and dropped off or faxed to the office.

Proper Use of Appliances

To optimize the efficiency of your appliances and to avoid unnecessary service calls that may result in a charge to your apartment, please note the following:

Dishwasher – Before using your dishwasher …

  1. Rinse or scrape excessive food from dishes
  2. Run the garbage disposal to ensure that it is empty before turning on dishwasher
  3. Use dishwasher soap, NOT regular dish detergent
  4. DO NOT USE GARBAGE DISPOSAL WHILE DISHWASHER IS IN OPERATION! If you do, garbage in disposal will backflow into dishwasher
  5. Be sure safety switch (looks like a regular light switch) is turned on (it should be on wall by dishwasher)

Garbage Disposal

  1. Be sure to run cold water when using your garbage disposal
  2. Do not let food collect in the disposal. Always run all food through the disposal ASAP
  3. Do not place bones, grease, or coffee grinds in disposal
  4. Foreign objects found in the disposal (i.e. glass, can tops, coins) will result in a service call and charge to your apartment
  5. If disposal does not work, before calling in maintenance press the re-set button on the actual body of the disposal (under sink) to re-start

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